Wednesday, August 26, 2009



THE world wide web and new technology present all kinds of opportunities for those practising the most venerable of the literary dark arts, poetry.

KOMNINOS Zervos considers the brave new cyberworld of poetry in a short essay - and opens the door on an Aladdin’s digicave of digigems.

CAROL Novack ponders the end of the beginning and the beginning of the end and all major stops in between in this terrific music video of her poem In The Beginning.

WHEN is a sheep not asleep? When it’s a fast-mouton cyberpoem by Peter Kenneally.

RAE Desmond Jones is the Grange Hermitage of poetry - always good and only ever gets better.

JILL Jones takes us for a stroll down Ruby Street, peering in each lit poetic window on the way.

LES Wicks joins other poets in celebration in word and image of Sydney's greatest asset, its coastline.

"He’s not Jesus, but he’s a gentleman." What better reference could a bloke ask for? This and more in poems by Carly-Jay Metcalfe from the Stylus vault.

"Sleek black/my cat lies against me/placed just right/for caresses" What would Tweety Pie tweet to a tweet like that? Rosemary Nissen-Wade twitters her verses to the cosmos.

DEB Matthews-Zott writes about the migrant experience of a young boy arriving from Germany to Australia, a place that he found “something like Egypt” in these three poems from her verse novel in progress, An Adelaide Boy.

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