Wednesday, February 6, 2013


We are constantly being told that some new survey demonstrates that there is no nutritional difference between eating supermarket chain foods grown with chemical fertilisers and pesticides, and organically grown foods.

Here are five reasons to eat organic foods:

1. They taste better.

2. You will avoid ingesting poison residues from pesticides and chemical fertilisers.

3. Organic growing enriches the soil, chemical farming depletes it.

4. They are usually grown by small, often local growers, so your money goes to a grower in your community instead of to a faceless food industrial/supermarket conglomerate, and with fewer food miles it is once again better for the environment.

5. If organic foods taste better, are poison-free, are better for the environment and deliver returns to your community through fostering local growers, then are they not nourishing you better, and therefore more nutritious?

Oh, and 6., if you shop at a food coop, they may be no more expensive - or even cheaper - than supermarket food.


  1. Oh phooey Larry, organic food is wholesome to those who believe the hype. I've frequently found organic vegeatables to frequently be smaller and appear to be of a lesser quality than non-organic!

  2. Paul that just goes to show that size isn't everything. With vegetables bigger is not necessarily better, and supermarket ones may be so because of chemicals they've been pumped with. They also spray them with artificial colours to make them more attractive (and look fresher!).

  3. There are few reasons to use organic food as below :

    Protect future generations
    Prevent soil erosion
    Support a true economy
    Save Energy
    Promote bio-diversity

  4. Just 2 weeks ago I signed up to an organic veg delivery and the difference is in the amazing taste and smell. Most of the veg was grown locally by a small farmer. The soil on an organic farm has to be free of chemicals which is fantastic and past by the soil association who test it.
    I use to go out with a potato scientist and he use to test chemicals on the potatoes. I told him that all they needed was burnt seaweed which is the traditional way of growing them. He tested this method over 10 years and then came clean that chemicals were not the way to go. He lost is job from the chemical industry but gained a bigger one in the organic industry. The chemical industry doesn't care about the harm it does on people or animals or other plants. Its main interest is to make money out of chemicals. The county Bhutan has gone completely organic. Lets hope that other country's follow them. Thanks for writing about organic.

  5. Great, thanks Eloise... and bravo former boyfriennd and Bhutan!!

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