Sunday, March 16, 2014


So vividly that I wake into a state
Halfway down the hallway between
Two rooms; One me texted the other
A message asking "Can you read this?"
I could not, yet somehow scrying
Into the blank screen, comprehend
That he wrote to me from beyond life:
So, I am left to think, is life itself
Not beyond life, a military two-step
Upon our own grave, to a string theory band,
And do we not merely shuffle the steps
Like playing cards, seeking a kind of order
In that which lacks it so entirely?
So that finally I forget about all it all,
Rise, make tea, and die another day.
That the elements will blithely erase
Our very names in a half beat offends
The one in time, prompting us to note not
Our presence, but life's perfect absence.

- Larry Buttrose

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