Tuesday, September 16, 2014


'And we are, aren’t we, us fiftysomethings? We’re the pierced and tattooed, shorts-wearing, skunk-smoking, OxyContin-popping, neurotic dickheads who’ve presided over the commoditisation of the counterculture; we’re the ones who took the avant-garde and turned it into a successful rearguard action by the flying columns of capitalism’s blitzkrieg; we’re the twats who sat there saying that there was no distinction between high and popular culture, and that adverts should be considered as an art form; we’re the idiots who scrumped the golden apples from the Tree of Jobs until our bellies swelled and we jetted slurry from our dickhead arseholes – slurry we claimed was “cultural criticism”.' - Will Self

Now, who got out on the wrong side of the bed? But all this is true of course. Pomo theory stunted the brains of a generation who had been denied a formal secondary education before that, impeded their curiosity and lambasted individual critical thinking. Thus we have students regurgitating theory they don't understand in words they can't spell and sentences they cannot phrase. Fortunately we can blame the French - the words arrogant poseur are their own after all.


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