Sunday, March 8, 2015


"Greene's 'ways of escape' included opium dens, whorehouses and the Catholic Church. ('I had to find religion', said Greene to a friend who asked him about his well publicised conversion, 'to measure my evil against.')… in November 1957, Greene and his married mistress Catherine Walston went on holiday in Havana. 'We had been to the Shanghai, we had watched without much interest Superman's performance with a mulatto girl (as uninspiring as a dutiful husband's), we had lost a little at roulette, we had fed at the Floridita, smoked marijuana, and seen a lesbian performance at the Blue Moon', recounted Greene in his memoirs. 'So now we asked our driver if he could provide us with a little cocaine.' All the while Greene gathered intel on the Fidelistas for his SIS [Secret Intelligence Service] contacts in Her Majesty's government, which was supplying arms to Batista." From Potions of the Caribbean by Beachbum Berry.

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